I know, I (Tim) haven’t blogged in a while…I’m not certain if people even look at this site or read these things.

Anyhow…Souls Expired’s first album “The Defeatist Principle” has been out for a while now. We’re not certain if people have listened to it yet. We’ve given away as many CD’s as we’ve sold CD’s. We like it. That’s all that matters. We haven’t played any shows (beyond a few showcase gigs) and gave up on keeping our bass player (Randy) around. So…we have not played many gig’s since the album’s release.

As of my writing this blog (January 2013) Ali (the drummer) is in the southern hemisphere (with his girlfriend) on a 6 month journey/vacation. So far they’ve been to Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Me…I’m working on all these websites and recording demos for our next album (currently called “No Thing. Some Thing”). 10 songs are written and mostly arranged. All the bass parts will be written and recorded by me until (or unless) i find a new bass play by the time we record the CD. I plan on going into the studio and starting this next album before Ali returns.

I have also been arranging another batch of songs of mine for a solo album. I will call this solo album “The Truth Letters” as i had intended to do a while back. Some of the songs will be new and others are re-imagined versions of songs originally intended to be on the old “Truth Letters” album that i never released. Right now I have mostly mellow songs but who knows how they’ll all turn out. I’m thinking of doing “acoustic” type recordings with mostly just me singing and a guitar.

If people do actually read this blog it would be nice to know. Send me a message or “like” us on Facebook. I’d post more frequent blogs and information if i knew they were being looked at.

Stay tuned!!!

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